Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keiths Crash

Well Keith had another crash On a motorcycle and hurt is hand pretty bad!! As you can see!! He was riding Cousin Justins Pit Bike and was messing around in Ivy"s Yard crashed hard on the Dirt! We all have had some pretty good laughs about it!

Elder Danny Barnett

Elder Danny Barnett Is Serving in the Honolulu Hawaii Mission. He is currently on the Island of Oahu. He is serving in a small town next to Pearl Harbor. He just had his first baptism a little while ago and he was real excited about that. He said that the work is hard and very slow in Hawaii because of the rain and the hang loose attitude of all the people. So keep him in your prayers and write him!!! His address is
Elder Danny Barnett, 1500S Bertania St STE416, Honolulu, HI 96826
We are all so proud of Danny and the Hard work he is doing!!!

Here are some pictures he has sent home to us
The Elders are just drinking Cream Soda

First Day of School

Well the School year has started. Tyrel is in 7th Grade Jared is in 3rd and my Baby Garrett is in all day kindergarden. When I dropped of Jared and Garret for their first day of School Garrett looked at me and said "I'm ok now Mom you can go!" I cried on the way home

Tyrel thinks he is too cool for School!